Who is an employee of a press service?

Мария Лапук

An employee of a press service is responsible for shaping the positive image of a company, government agency, or their public representatives in the public sphere. Hence, their main task is to communicate key events and their employer’s position to the public.

Depending on the role, the list of duties may differ. For example, the head of the press service is responsible for the overall information policy, while a press secretary makes important statements to the media on behalf of the company. Public relations managers perform more routine tasks: write press releases, organize press conferences, create content for websites and social media. Press service employees may also perform the following duties:

– Monitor mentions of the organization in the media;
– Analyze public information about the company;
– Establish and maintain working contacts with media representatives;
– Prepare media digests for the executive;
– Write speeches and gather background information for public appearances.

A good specialist not only has an excellent grasp of their organization’s industry specifics but also understands the inner workings of the media, including the specifics of preparing different information products. Regardless of role, every member of the press service should possess a number of soft skills: communication ability, stress resistance, quick reaction, rich speech, and public speaking skills. These qualities are key to shaping and maintaining the organization’s positive reputation and minimizing the risk of crisis situations in the information field.

Usually, a press service employee has a higher education degree in journalism, public relations, or marketing. Often, professionals from certain fields transition into this position. For example, in law enforcement agencies, a press secretary may be a staff officer. There are many professional development courses available for current press service employees, teaching effective methods for interacting with the press and other nuances of the job.

Salaries in press services vary. The highest pay is offered in politics, business, and sports. Non-profit organizations typically have more modest salaries.

A press service employee is an important element in creating a company’s image. Their professionalism and personal qualities determine how the organization will be perceived by society. It is an interesting and multifaceted profession that requires curiosity, diligence, and a creative approach from an individual.

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