Main Types of PR Publications in Media

Мария Лапук

Expanding a client’s presence in the information field requires the PR service to maintain constant contact with all major industry media outlets. Their main tools for communicating with the public have been and remain media publications, which are pre-adapted to the editorial policy of a particular mass media outlet. Such text materials most often belong to one of the main types, which will be discussed below.


A commentary is an auxiliary element that is part of a publication in the media. In some cases, the journalist preparing the material turns to the PR service of the speaker they are interested in for a comment. More often, it is the public relations specialist who looks for opportunities to initiate such a placement in an article. Usually small in volume, a commentary should demonstrate the respondent’s interest in the question asked and their high competence in the area under discussion.


A media publication in the form of an interview is an excellent way to draw the audience’s attention to the brand and improve the speaker’s reputation. This genre requires the PR service to immerse deeply into the subject area and pre-prepare a list of questions that will allow the company’s or expert’s activities to be covered as fully as possible, while also highlighting their personal attitude toward the chosen topic.

Author’s Column

A feature of an author’s column intended for publication in the media is the need for an accepted and approved ToV (tone of voice) for both the specific speaker and the entire brand that the author represents. The article should not only demonstrate expertise but also reflect the values that the PR service constantly broadcasts on behalf of the client into the information space.


Maintaining a brand or speaker’s own blog allows them to independently determine the topics and format of PR articles without regard for the media’s editorial policy. Social networks, messengers, and any platforms to which the PR service can drive traffic are suitable for this. Unlike publications in the media, such a channel requires constant work on regularly posted messages, which implies allocating an appropriate budget.

Case Study

A case study is one of the most important PR tools. Publishing a detailed account in the media of the company’s solution to a professional task not only increases citation rates but also serves marketing goals by attracting a new audience to the client. An important part of a case study is a detailed description of the initial situation, the ways it was transformed, and, most importantly, the specifics of the results achieved.

Press Release

The main purpose of a press release is to draw the media’s attention to a particular event or fact. A highly informative message written in a business style gives news services the opportunity to quickly prepare a note for publication in the media, adding all the facts, figures, and graphic materials provided by the PR service. Given the mass distribution of press releases, it should be universal – journalists from different thematic publications should equally perceive the information presented in the material.

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