How to Properly Choose Telegram Channels for Advertising Placement

Мария Лапук

If you want to get a good return from an advertising post, the first thing you need to do is find channels where your target audience is present, and analyze them. We explain what to pay attention to in order to identify suspicious resources and refuse to place ads in them.

Bot traffic. The first thing that may indicate that the audience is “not alive” is a red exclamation mark in the TGStat or Telemetr analytics services. This label is assigned to channels that are suspected of inflating their numbers. Unfortunately, not all “bot herders” have this identifying mark, so you will still need to conduct your own analysis. To do this, you need to go to the channel’s statistics in TGStat or Telemetr and look at the unsubscribes: an inflated channel will have almost none. You should also pay attention to the number of reactions under the posts. Sometimes administrators forget to inflate them, and then you get the following picture: the channel has a large audience and reach, but almost no fires, thumbs, or comments. It makes sense to also look at the number of reposts: for live channels, some posts get reposted more often, others less often, while for inflated channels this metric is always more or less the same. Another stop signal is the number of views. Channels with fake users usually have the same number of views under each post, while live channels can have different view counts: one news item might be read by 10,000 people, while another by 1,000.

Frequent posting. In TGStat or Telemetr, you can assess how actively the channel publishes posts. If you are placing ads on Telegram, it’s better if posts don’t come out too frequently, because in that case your ad will quickly get lost. For example, users usually visit news resources once a day to read the latest post that interests them, and they rarely scroll up through the feed.

Low citation index. This metric can also be viewed in TGStat or Telemetr. It indicates how often users forward messages from the channel, and how often other resources mention it. The higher the citation index, the better the news will spread. A good value is considered to be 3,000 or more.

Low engagement rate by reach (ERR). This metric gives an understanding of what percentage of subscribers view posts in the channel. It is calculated as the ratio of the average post reach to the number of users subscribed to the channel. You don’t need to do this manually, the data is available in TGStat or Telemetr. A good ERR starts from 15-25%. You should not place ads in Telegram channels with an ERR below 7-9%. This means that the audience is not very active.

Successful selection of channels for placement is the key to a successful advertising campaign, so it is important to pay attention to analysis, study the following metrics: audience engagement level, number of unsubscribes, citation index, as well as correlate the reach and number of reactions with the total number of channel subscribers, look at the history of its growth. This will allow you to find truly effective resources for placing ads on Telegram, get good traffic and conversion, and not waste money on ineffective placements.

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