Guide to Media Monitoring Services

Мария Лапук

A modern PR specialist works in an information field updated by millions of messages every second. It is simply impossible to cope with this flow without sophisticated systems for automated analysis of the many factors affecting a brand’s reputation. Without this, it is inaccessible to evaluate the effectiveness of PR campaigns, crisis communications, timely response to negativity, and full-fledged two-way relationships with the media.

Currently, there is a whole range of services in Russia that can cover PR requests and provide comprehensive reports on the state of the news agenda in Russia in real time. Let’s look at five of the most popular such platforms.

– Brand Analytics: One of the most well-known and authoritative analytical services in the Russian-language internet segment for comprehensive media monitoring and mention analysis. The Brand Analytics media database contains over 60,000 sources, including social networks, news agencies, online publications, industry portals, aggregators, newspapers, magazines, TV channels and radio stations. The platform’s geography covers 12 countries: Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine. This allows real-time control over the spread of information about the brand, the tone of mentions, and posts by key opinion leaders.

– Medialogia: Another popular universal media monitoring service in Russia, whose database includes over 91,000 media outlets and 2.5 billion social media accounts. This makes Medialogia one of the main tools for evaluating the effectiveness of audience communication. The applied machine learning technologies make it possible to accurately determine the tone of mentions and use about half a hundred other PR metrics in work. Medialogia processes over 100 million messages per day and provides the results of its work in real time.

– SCAN: The SCAN reputation management and media monitoring system was created by the Interfax Information Group and covers the entire spectrum of PR tasks: monitoring mentions in the media and reviews on social networks, establishing a dialogue with publications, identifying and stopping reputational threats, dealing with negativity, evaluating news hooks and express analytics. In addition to a web dashboard, the service has a mobile app – it helps stay on top of the news agenda and receive important notifications around the clock.

– IQBuzz: In addition to a wide search for mentions on the Internet, IQBuzz provides tools for in-depth analysis of the agenda of interest to PR specialists in online media (5,000 sources), the VKontakte social network, and a number of other sources. The service’s experts help set up the media monitoring system to meet the client’s needs in accordance with a specific request. An important advantage of IQBuzz is its ability to provide a retrospective of the information field dating back up to 10 years.

– Kribrum: The top five most popular media monitoring platforms in Russia can be rounded out with the Kribrum analytical service, which tracks information from 70,000 Internet media outlets in the countries of the former USSR and Eastern Europe, as well as 447 million social media profiles, including VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Telegram, as well as the banned in Russia Facebook and Instagram. 60% of the entire message stream is processed within an hour of appearing, and all the rest no later than 3-5 hours. The content analysis of the information flow covers 23 languages.

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