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We fuse creativity, technology and PR to help brands impact the world.
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About VINCI agency:

  • 6 years of experience
  • 3 centers of expertise in the CIS and Asia
  • 120 + staff PR professionals
  • 40 + multidisciplinary writers
  • 400 + arranged events: media events, seminars, trainings, conferences, round tables, etc.
  • 300 + successful cases around the world
  • 15 + years we have been engaged in PR in IT

Merits VINCI:

  • Member of the Association of Communication Agencies of Russia (ACAR)
  • Accredited provider Skolkovo
  • Member of the Russian Managers Association
  • 115 place in the international ranking of PR Week
  • 36 place in the NR2C rating
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We are trusted by 200+ companies leading in local and international markets

meet our team
Мария Лапук

Мария Лапук

Основатель Vinci Agency
PR-эксперт с опытом работы в технологических и инновационных компаниях. Работала в пресс-службе компании «МТС», возглавляла пресс-службы социальной сети «Одноклассники» и венчурного фонда ФРИИ.
Александр Изряднов

Александр Изряднов

Основатель Vinci Agency
Эксперт в сферах PR и маркетинга. Управлял маркетинговыми и PR-коммуникациями в Mail.Ru Group. Был заместителем директора венчурного ФРИИ по стратегии и коммуникациям.
Татьяна Куликова

Татьяна Куликова

PR директор
PR-эксперт с опытом работы в государственных структурах, технологических и инновационных компаниях, PR-агентствах. Управляла крупными коммуникационными проектами для «Газпром», «Аэрофлот», «Просвещение» и др. Руководила пресс-службой Фонда «Сколково».
Павел Пелявин

Павел Пелявин

Коммерческий директор
15 лет опыта управления продажами сложных многокомпонентных продуктов. Обладает глубокой экспертизой в информационных технологиях и умеет эффективно коммуницировать с клиентами.
Александр Фейст

Александр Фейст

Главный редактор
Автор материалов в «Ведомостях», «Газете.Ру», «Известиях», «М24», «РИА Новостях» и других СМИ. Основная специализация — создание текстов ИТ-тематики для секторов b2b и b2c. В Vinci руководит редакцией — курирует работу райтеров и отвечает за все информационные материалы.
Мария Заяц

Мария Заяц

Управляющий директор Vinci Asia
Эксперт в сферах PR и маркетинга на международных рынках. Руководила коммуникациями в компаниях Crocus Group, «Амедиа». Возглавляла международный маркетинг в YI Technology (Xiaomi daughter company).
meet our team

At Vinci we bring together experts with interdisciplinary backgrounds to render services of unparalleled quality. We target your business goals and help you hit them, assisting you throughout all stages of your company's development

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Vinci is a team with expert knowledge, excellent competence and high communication skills. I would like to express my own appreciation for the measurable impact of the IQOS PR projects. Looking forward to expanding new PR horizons and challenges to tackle together.


Gett would like to thank Vinci PR agency and personally Maria Lapuk, co-founder of the agency, for her professionalism and competence. The Vinci team has been our PR services partner for 6 months, but in that short period they have built a strong and trusting relationship with Gett community.


We would like to thank Vinci for their responsible approach to our collaborative efforts. Throughout our cooperation, the agency’s team proved to be a reliable partner. They helped to solve the company’s communication tasks and were attentive to the wishes of the in-house PR-department.


We express our sincere gratitude for productive collaboration! Our joint efforts led us to the desired outcome. I believe that we will be able to maintain and continue our partnership.

On behalf of Uchi.Ru, we would like to underline that Vinci took a serious and responsible approach to our collaborative efforts. All the KPIs were met in accordance with the original requirements within the given timeframe. We would also like to point out that Vinci staff consists exclusively of skilled professionals.

Skolkovo Technopark

During the period of our collaboration, Public Communications Agency have proven to be true professionals with a special and sensitive approach to the customer. Even in the most unforeseen moments, your team coped with all challenges with dignity and grace. We wish you professional success, trustworthy customers and look forward to working with you again.

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